Pass Loss & Theft Coverage

Pass Loss & Theft Coverage protects your valuable German Rail Pass if it gets lost or stolen. You'll have to buy replacement tickets to continue traveling, if your pass is lost or stolen. This can be very expensive. These extra costs are covered up to the remaining value of your pass, if you choose to order Pass Loss & Theft Cover online from us.

The Pass Loss and Theft Coverage entitles you to a refund for replacement train tickets or a new pass up to a maximum amount. This maximum amount is the equivalent of the remaining value of your lost/stolen pass. It is not possible to re-issue a new pass or replacement tickets. These need to be purchased by you and need to be kept as per the Pass Loss & Theft Booking Terms.

There is no LTC for free child passes. However, if you're travelling with children and purchased the LTC for your adult pass, they will also be insured. This way, if you lose all passes, you can get a refund for all replacement train tickets.

Protect your pass for just US $19 / AUD $18 / CAN $19 per traveler.

How can I get Pass Loss & Theft Coverage?

When ordering your German Rail Pass, simply check the Pass Loss & Theft Cover box. You'll receive a brochure along with your pass, providing full details of the coverage.

Steps to follow in the event of loss or theft

During your trip

  1. Obtain a police report within 24 hours of loss.

  2. Continue your trip with replacement tickets to a maximum value as specified in the terms and conditions of the Pass Loss & Theft Coverage.

  3. Make sure you keep all your travel tickets.

After your trip

  1. Download the Pass Loss & Theft Coverage claim form.

  2. Follow the instructions on the claim form.

  3. Send your claim by mail within 31 days after your return from your holiday.

These steps are also described in the brochure that you get with your German Rail Pass.

Terms and conditions

1. General description of Pass Loss & Theft Coverage
1.1 Pass Loss & Theft Coverage covers the Loss of German Rail Passes by the Traveler during the Effective Period of coverage for a Maximum Coverage Amount.
1.2 Loss means the accidental loss or theft of the German Rail Pass.
1.3 The Effective Period of coverage is the period from the moment the pass is received by the Traveler until the moment the Traveler leaves Europe as indicated by their flight ticket. Programme agreements only apply to loss sustained during the Effective Period.
1.4 The Maximum Coverage Amount shall be the lesser of; the cost of replacement rail tickets bought or the unused portion of the German Rail Pass, calculated as the total remaining validity time on the German Rail Pass as a portion of the total validity time, or as a portion of the total stay in Europe as indicated by the flight ticket.
1.5 The amount paid for the shipping service and the Pass Loss and Theft Coverage is not covered by this policy.
1.6 Pass Loss & Theft Coverage is a product of and is only available when a pass is ordered online from this website.

2. What to do in case of loss or theft
2.1 If your pass is lost or stolen, make sure you report the theft of the pass to the local police within 24 hours and make sure you obtain a police report. This police report is an important document when filing a claim.
2.2 The Loss Date shall be the date on which the Pass Holder first became aware of the loss of the rail pass as mentioned in the police report.
2.3 Purchase a new rail pass or new rail tickets for the remaining days of travel. Please note that there is a Maximum Coverage Amount applicable, based on the amount of remaining days of your trip during the Effective Period on the Loss Date (as defined in section 1).

3. How and when to make a claim
3.1 You can send in your claim within 31 days after your return from your holiday. The date stamped by the mail/courier service on the package you return, will count as the date you sent in your claim.
3.2 To make a claim, you should fill in the Pass Loss and Theft Coverage claim form, which can be downloaded from the following URL:
3.3 Together with the Pass Loss and Theft Coverage claim form, the following documents of proof should be sent in:
* obtained police report with clearly marked claim date
* purchased replacement passes/tickets (original hardcopy versions)
* copy of airline tickets to and from Europe
3.4 You can send the documents by mail to the following address: Fulfillment Center
1255 N Research Way, Bldg Q
Orem, Utah 84097
3.5 We recommend that you send in your claim with registered mail or courier. cannot be held liable for packages lost in the mail. Make sure you make copies of all the documents sent to the above address.
3.6 Any fees you have to pay for getting evidence of your claim will not be covered by this insurance as it is your responsibility to support your claim.

4. Payment of claims
4.1 Only valid claims will be paid out.
4.2 The following claims will be deemed invalid:
* Claims which were sent in later than 31 days after the arrival date mentioned on the flight ticket as the end of the trip to Europe.
* All claims which are not accompanied by a completely filled out claim form, including all the proofs as indicated in section 3.3.
* Claims which are not a result of loss or theft of the pass by the Traveler, but of one of the following:
1. Loss when pass was not in the actual possession of the Traveler at the time of loss.
2. Delay, detention, or confiscation of the pass by railway officers, officials, police or other security officers.
3. Any dishonest, fraudulent or criminal act by the Pass Holder.
4. War, invasion, hostilities, (whether war be declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection of military or usurped power.
5. Terrorist acts, act of foreign enemy, force majeure, flight cancellations, strikes.
6. Damage of the pass due to wear and tear, gradual deterioration, vermin, or inherent vice.
4.3 Claims will be refunded to the same credit card (or other payment method, where relevant) with which the original pass was booked.
4.4 Claims will be paid out in the currency in which the original pass was purchased. The Claims Department will use the exchange rates of De Nederlandsche Bank as published on this website to determine the value of the replacement rail tickets at the time of purchase.
4.5 You will be notified of receipt of your claim by the Claims Department within 5 business days of receipt.
4.6 The Claims Department will assess the validity of your claim. Decisions of the Claims Department will be binding and final.
4.7 Within 1 month after confirmation of receipt, you will receive the result of the assessment of the validity of your claim and the amount of payment, if any.
4.8 Valid claims will be paid within 1 business day after you have been notified of the claim assessment by It can take many business days for the money to be returned to your account, depending on the method of payment.
4.9 If any claims made under this programme are covered by any other valid and collectable insurance or indemnity, we will only pay the difference between the amount paid under the other policy and the total amount which would otherwise be payable under this programme.

5. Conditions and applicable law
5.1 The Pass Holder is responsible for the safety, security and supervision of the German Rail Pass.
5.2 No legal action may be brought to recover on this program within 60 days after a claim has been submitted as required herein, and no such legal action may be brought after one year from the requirement time for a claim to be filed.
5.3 Any provision of this programme that is in conflict with applicable law is hereby amended to conform to minimum requirements of such law.
5.4 Pass Holder agrees to amend to Dutch Law.
5.5 is free to revise or terminate this program at sole discretion at anytime, with or without notice. In case of termination, only passes issued prior to the date of termination will be covered for orders for which Pass Loss and Theft Coverage was purchased.