What is the difference between 1st and 2nd class?

The German Rail Pass is available for 1st or 2nd class travel. 1st class offers more space than 2nd class, both in terms of legroom and storage space for your luggage. The seats are more comfortable and compartments are usually less crowded than in 2nd class.

In 1st class drinks or a meal are sometimes served, or other services are offered like free newspapers or internet connectivity, especially on high-speed long-distance trains.

Classes are indicated with large numbers '1' and '2' on the outside of the train as well as inside the compartments. Some smaller local commuter trains may not have a class distinction.

If you buy a 1st class German Rail Pass, you can also travel in 2nd class. If you buy a 2nd class pass, you will not be able to travel in 1st class, unless you buy an upgrade for each journey.